Serious Battery Life

Do you think it's normal for your device's battery to die in the evening? Amplify helps you control misbehaved apps that waste your battery. Expect more from your battery life.

Fully Customizable

Every device is unique. Amplify starts you off with some with recommended settings, then helps you customize your profile to match the apps that are wasting your battery.

Beautifully Designed

Inspired by Material Design principles, Amplify is a pleasure to work with. You have your choice of light or dark theme, and translations into 18 languages.

Open Source

What's better than software that's free? Software that's liberated. Amplify is open source so you can see how it works, or build your own version.

Powerful, Yet Easy To Use

Built for normal people by hardcore technology geeks.

Simple Descriptions

We'll tell you what each battery hog is in simple terms and help you decide if you should limit it.

You're In Control

You get to decide how often your apps check for new messages, get your location, and wake up your phone.

Measure Improvements

See the results of your changes in Amplify, including how long each event keeps your device awake, and how much battery life you've saved.

Control Alarms

Alarms wake up your device to check for new email, messages, update your location, and sync your apps.

Control Wakelocks

Once an alarm wakes up your device, wakelocks keep it awake. Some wakelocks can keep your device awake for 10 seconds evey minute!

Control Services

Services run in the background, 24/7. Some are useful, like the Telephone service. Others aren't, like marketing and advertisements.

Built For You

Never compromise your individuality.

Tasker Support

Tasker integration helps you customize Amplify even further. Use different profiles when plugged in, at different times of day, or almost anything else you can imagine.

Multiple Themes and Languages

Light or Dark themes, and your choice of 20 languages makes sure that Amplify fits your device look and feel perfectly.

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